Quality raw materials, a long journey in search of purity and exclusivity, to arrive at the perfect root. Nature Med comes to light in the 90s thanks to the intuition of Antonio Massarotto who, after gaining considerable experience in the management of international pharmaceutical companies, takes over the Zagarese production facilities, dedicating himself with the utmost dedication to the rebirth of plants and industrial tradition linked to the production and processing of liquorice.

Thus the Nature Med was born. It manages to bring together both tradition and process innovation and a new concept of marketing, in the perspective of a world in which geographical limits are outdated and in which every culture is opened to the knowledge of the other.

The intuition of the management of Nature Med is to devote its attention to the enhancement of the raw material on which all the company activity is based: liquorice.

Therefore, Nature Med aims to establish itself on international markets, where attention to quality and products of protected origin is much stronger. For this reason it was decided to attack an evolving sector, that of organic food, although aware of the greater production difficulties that this choice entails, but convinced that the types of the product comply with the parameters of naturalness, authenticity and food safety required by the market.

To reinforce this aspect, the Nature Med in 2002 becomes, therefore, promoter of the foundation of the Consortium for the request of the Protected Designation of Origin (P.D.O.) for the "Liquirizia di Calabria", recognition obtained after ten years of sacrifices and hard work.

The processing of liquorice Nature Med ensures not only the absolute integrity of the product but also the respect for the environment in the earlier and later of the production cycle. This is why Nature Med can be considered an integral part of an economic project that combines productivity, environmentalism, innovation and development.