About Us

Premium quality raw material, a long journey in search of purity and uniqueness, to find the perfect root. Nature Med was founded in the 90s, thanks to the intuition of Antonio Massarotto. After many years spent managing international pharma companies, Antonio acquires the Zagarese’s plants and dedicates his efforts to bringing the Zagarese’s production lines back to life and to restore the long-standing Calabrian liquorice traditions.

Nature Med embodies both the regional heritage and a new idea of the liquorice market, in which geographical borders are no longer a limit and different cultures mix and learn from each other.

The Nature Med management focus their attention to the basis of their entire production: the liquorice root. They look for high quality raw material as a means to produce high end liquorice products.

Their objective is to land the international market, where quality and Protected Origin products are strongly valued and given much attention. They do so by choosing to enter the “organic” products market, well aware that this will entail many challenges from the production point of view, but certain that their products will comply with the required parameters for a natural, genuine and safe product.

To strengthen their position, and that of the entire Calabrian liquorice supply chain, in 2002 Nature Med become leader of a Consortium to obtain the Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) certificate for Calabrian liquorice, which is eventually granted 10 years later, thanks to their determination and hard work.

The Nature Med production method guarantees the complete integrity of the product and the safeguard of the environment, up and downstream of the production process. This is why Nature Med is synonym of an integrated development process, which successfully combines industrial activities, innovation and respect of the environment.