Think global.

At Nature Med we value innovation as means to preserve the quality and the integrity of the Calabrian liquorice properties.


Our liquorice is where the purity of the Calabrian liquorice (organic certification) meets the Calabrian traditions (PDO Liquirizia di Calabria).


Nature Med installed a photovoltaic plant that covers 90% of our energy demand. A new steam-generation plant makes use of the liquorice processing by-products (liquorice pomace and wood waste) to provide all the thermal energy necessary to the production process.
Nature Med has completely replaced fossil fuels with sustainable energy sources, making us pioneers in the field of sustainable and green production.


Think global, act local. Our approach to market is global, there are no boundaries and the quality of our products is globally recognised, strong of the use of PDO Calabrian liquorice. From Calabria to the rest of the world: 60% of our profits come from the international market.