A story that starts in the eighteenth century.

The industrial factories of ancient Calabria, the wind that blows over the fields and caresses the plants of Glycyrrhiza. An unmistakable flavour, which starts from Calabria and arrives at the Grand Prix of the Universal Exposition of Paris until the exports all over the world nowdays.

The history of NatureMed and its Calabria P.D.O. licorice starts long ago. It was in 1886 that the Zagarese family, owner of lands in which Cordulizia Cordara was cultivated, installed a factory for the processing of licorice root. A first artisan enterprise, dedicated exclusively at friends and relatives, which soon expanded to become a consolidated reality throughout Europe, that won numerous awards in Italy and abroad, such as the gold medals in Antwerp and Nice in 1894 and the Grand Prix at the Universal Exhibition of Paris in 1900. Soon after the Second World War, in Calabria only small ashlars (factories dedicated to the artisan production of liquorice) remain, in a very limited number that, as the years go by , they disappear almost completely.

The liquorice root, once the flagship of Calabrian production, is beginning to run low and to be discarded in favour of citrus fruits and there is a risk of almost total reduction of the cultivation of this precious root.

Only two companies survive, one of which is the Zagarese that finds its salvation as soon as it is sold, in the late 90s, to the Nature Med. The history of the Zagarese liquorice arrives, in fact, up to the present day thanks to the determination of the Massarotto family, which in 1996 took over the production facilities and founded the Nature Med. Thus a new phase began. It saw the reorganization of the company and a new management that led the new brand to be one of the most important interlocutors in the world of liquorice production and marketing.

Nature Med decides to collaborate with several farmers on an integrated supply chain project having several important goals, which are all fully achieved: planting new liquorices, spreading and expanding the culture and culture of liquorice root in the region and, above all, to be able to obtain, from the Calabria Region, the official recognition of the entire Liquorice Supply Chain, in order to restore dignity to the whole sector and to reduce and hopefully eliminate altogether, the risk, more and more realistic, of using foreigner raw material by companies located in the Calabrian territory.

Now Nature Med is a reference point, for the true organic liquorice of protected origin of Calabria, in Italy and all over the world.